How The 100 Seasons can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

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He cocked his head to your aspect and surveyed Clarke quizzically. The pores and skin below her eyes was bruised with exhaustion, but the purple shadows just designed them search greener. Like, what the fuck? And screw the medication. SCREW THE MEDICINE. Survival is worthless if you can't have the 1 you love!

The good news is, Clarke continues to be decided on as among the list of hundred teenage prisoners to become despatched to Earth, their previous they remaining three hundred several years back because of the Cataclysm, an nuclear-a little something-radiation-anything party that crippled their planet. They are to be sent there to determine if the entire world remains to be liveable, and if they endure, they will be pardoned in their felonies.

The hundred may have been the primary human beings to set foot on the planet in 3 generations, but they weren’t on your own.

I didn't feel a great relationship for the characters On this ebook, but there was undoubtedly something there, so hopefully it grows when I read through the subsequent 2 books!

But then he glanced about Clarke, who was leaning above to breathe during the scent of the vivid pink flower, the Sunshine catching the gold strands in her hair, and quickly he was not more info so positive.” — 195 likes

Преди няколко дни завърших книгата "Стоте", но все още съм в еуфория от прочитането ѝ! Обожавам сериала, който е по книгите! Не очаквах двете да са толкова различни, но и двете - толкова поглъщащи. В епицентъра на сюжета стоят четирима тийнейджъри, извършили тежки престъпления и получили втори шанс на Земята, която не е обитавана от векове, заради радиация.

They get again down and Madi will save them from getting killed, she tells them what happened with Clarke and he or she and Bellamy go to save her.

The load of main weighs seriously upon Clarke and Bellamy when different troubles drive them to find out who will Stay and die.

Now allow us to talk about two most important factors, plot and figures, considering that everything The 100 new Season else is probably not truly worth discussing, since I could uncover no redeeming features With this novel besides The truth that the show is predicated off of it.

Clarke and Roan ought to operate with each other in hostile territory in an effort to provide an priceless asset to Abby and her group.

• Bellamy and Clarke have crappy romantic growth. I don't even ship them I take into consideration this reserve continuously, also to this day, I are not able to in fact consider this reserve spawned the first two seasons of the 100. How did the Television set shows' creators make anything half-good out of this shitshow?

.. what would make this any distinctive? Should've known improved. I Will not Suggest THIS. If fascinated, I actually Believe you're far better off watching the show. It might be much better than this crap and would most likely explain the countless plotholes the novel has. I might visualize some factors might be transformed.

Set inside the distant future, ninety seven many The 100 Season 6 dvd years after a nuclear apocalypse has devastated the area of Earth, the only remaining humans are inhabitants of a flotilla of orbiting Place stations referred to as “The Ark”. 100 juveniles convicted of varied crimes are despatched on the surface to check its habitability.

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